Bonds Goodyear AZ

So going to an “office” job after working in the Fast Food Industry. And a couple part-time jobs at the Westminster Mall, was definitely a wakeup call.  I was nervous and scared and afraid I couldn’t do it. Those first weeks I’m pretty sure I went home and cried every night.  There was SO much typing to do.  Back then all we had were typewriters. At the time I started my new job (I had no idea I’d still be doing it 37 years later.  Heck, my dream was to be a Movie Star or a Rock Star which is funny since I do not like being center of attention)

Cancellations, Reinstatements & 10-Day Notices of Bonds

There were 3 stacks of files that were about 3 feet tall each.  Cancellations, Reinstatements & 10-Day Notices…oh my!  Cancellations were sent out on Bonds that were either no longer needed, the premium had not been paid on time or the Principal did not submit requested documents, etc.  Reinstatements were to reactive the bond if it had been cancelled (with no lapse in coverage) and the 10-Day notices were to remind the Principal to send in whatever items we had requested, if they wanted to keep their Bond in force.  Lots of typing and if you remember in Part 1, I was told I could not type worth…. well, you know.

I worked with some amazing women in that office.  Although I’m sure the other two thought Marcia was crazy for hiring me, they were there to help and like Marcia, I learned a lot from them.  Carol and Aurora.  Unfortunately, I lost touch with Carol many, many years ago but I have reconnected with Aurora, thanks to social media, and actually got to visit with her on a trip to Northern Ca.

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