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Looking for a reputable Contractor?  Always check the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. 

Protect yourself and do your due diligence.  The AZ ROC is there to help.  Each year the ROC investigates thousands of complaints from consumers against unlicensed entities that attempt to perform contracting work.  The complaints often involve a consumer paying a large amount of money in exchange for little to no work or work not meeting minimum industry standards. 

Always hire a Licensed & Bonded  Contracting Professional 

The ROC serves two core functions:  licensing and the regulation of the licensing of contractors. For licensing, the ROC ensures contractors possess the experience, training and knowledge required in order to qualify for a license and then issues the appropriate credentials. 

ROC’s Most Wanted 

AZ ROC maintains a list of approximately 10 individuals representing the Most Wanted Unlicensed Entities operating within Arizona. These individuals are typically known to perform poor work or abandon projects, have active warrants for their arrest or are believed to have committed egregious acts against consumers. Help protect Arizonans; contact local law enforcement, if you’ve seen these individuals. 

Consumer Tips: 
  • Avoid door-to-door solicitors offering low cost construction services. 
  • Always do your homework before hiring a contractor; telephone the registrar of contractor’s office to ensure the contractor is licensed & bonded 
  • Obtain several bids or estimates and ask for references. 
  • Obtain a written contract from the contractor that includes all services to be provided, the license number of the contractor, and start up and completion dates of the project. 
Need to contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors? 
Contact Us 


1700 W. Washington St. Suite 105 

Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2812 

Phone: (602) 542-1525  Fax: (602) 542-1599 

Warning Notice to Homeowners and Businesses 

If you believe you may have been scammed, contact the Registrar of Contractors (Phoenix Office) at (602) 542-1525 and/or your local law enforcement agency. 

Also available is a Tips Hotline if you believe an individual or company is contracting or advertising in violation of state statute.