Liquor bond Provider

What is a Liquor Bond? An alcohol surety bond, also known as a liquor license bond, is a type of compliance license bond. These liquor bonds provide a guarantee that the licensee will abide. By all applicable statutes, laws and regulations that apply to their liquor license. Different states feature various types of alcohol bonds.… Read more »

Bid Bond

What is a Bid Bond?  A Bid Bond is often required to guarantee the bidder’s sincerity on projects funded with tax dollars (public work such as federal, state, and municipal projects.)  The bid bond guarantees that one of the following will happen:  If the bidder receives a contract award, they will sign the contract, produce the required Performance… Read more »

 Need a Contractor in Arizona?

Contractors License Bond Goodyear AZ Looking for a reputable Contractor?  Always check the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.  Protect yourself and do your due diligence.  The AZ ROC is there to help.  Each year the ROC investigates thousands of complaints from consumers against unlicensed entities that attempt to perform contracting work.  The complaints often involve a consumer… Read more »